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Andrew speaks (broken) Spanish. [x]

“Do you know Spanish?”
“Yes, yes!”
“Is that the only word you know?”
“Yes, yes! No, I also know ‘I’m very allergic to all kinds of nuts. Peanuts, almonds… All kinds. Very allergic, pfft. Death.’”

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Ran Ortner - Swell, 2006 - oil on canvas

Please tell me a I’m not the only one who thought this was 3-D

I totally thought it was 3D, isn’t it?

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Favorite Mighty Boosh episodes: Journey to the Centre of the Punk

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Artists and designers including Sir Peter Blake, Zaha Hadid and Giles Deacon have re-designed the iconic London red telephone box as part of BT Artbox, a new exhibition celebrating the 25th anniversary of charity ChildLine, which previews today in Trafalgar Square.


Box Lounger by Benjamin Shine

Poppy Field Live by Jason Bruges

Padded Cell Phone Box by Bert Gilbert

Slip by Gerry Judah

The Cure by Maxim

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Yes please

The music behind this is amazing, the intro is fantabulous and the rest sounds very Bond (james Bond) like to me

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9/50 pictures of David Tennant

Not many men could pull off a red velvet suit

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I made that bit up, but the rest of it’s all true!

Possibly more useful than the Crack Fox - Acid Cat!

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#my online friends meeting my irl friends

The way the cup falls out of his hands is so perfect.

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